Lancaster New City Grand Family Weekend 2017 Highlights

Created at 2017-05-03

Here are some event highlights of the recently held Lancaster New City Grand Family Weekend last April 23!

Little kids and their families were spotted sporting their Grand Family Weekend race singlets. Some jogged their way within Lancaster New City while some took their time walking and enjoying the fresh morning breeze.

In photos: 3K race category with little kids joining the fun

The first-ever Duathlon at Lancaster New City was participated by more than 200 athletes and enthusiasts coming from Cavite and Metro Manila. Everyone was indeed in for some competitive fun.

In photos: Duathlon participants starting off their 3km run after which was followed by 20km biking

These dudes were strategizing to take on the SpectaculaRUN at the Family Fair Village…

…while these gals were brave enough to climb over a wall of net obstacle…

…and these rivals were trying to outwit each other in some good old Patintero.

In photos: The Family Fair Village with some adults reliving their childhood at the SpectaculaRUN

The Kids’ Zone was a hit as children flocked the arts and crafts station to have their nails and faces painted, play with kinetic sand, build blocks, and dive into a mini pool of balls.

In photos: Kids at the Kid’s Zone got their had busy with some coloring, building blocks, and clay modeling

A special awarding of medal was done for the top three finishers of each race category in the Family Fun Run and Duathlon.

In photo: Some of the Family Fun Run top finishers

Despite the unusual rains the past couple of days, look how clear the sky was during the Grand Family Weekend.

In photo: A family who joined the fun run

There was a spelling challenge onstage where two groups had to quickly form the word defined by the host. It was quite challenging but the participants got into the game fast.

Finally, look at how this little boy was enthusiastically cheering his family during the onstage games at the Family Fair Village.

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