May Forever sa Lancaster New City

Created at 2016-08-08

We Filipinos always have a soft spot for fairytale stories happening in real life. Witnessing or reading about romantic proposals where the man gets down on one knee to ask the love of his life to marry him always has everyone swooning in adoration.

As a part of the ever so colorful culture of the Filipinos, a Kasalang Bayan is celebrated in different parts of the country where some ten to even hundreds of couples tie the knot in one big wedding celebration. This type of celebration indeed is overflowing with love from couples and their families.

Last July 30, seventeen chosen couples had a unique wedding experience as Lancaster New City hosted its first Kasalang Bayan, dubbed as MAY FOREVER : KASALAN SA LANCASTER NEW CITY. The wedding ceremony took place at Lancaster’s Church of the Holy Family while the reception followed at Leighton Hall. All the couples’ guests were teary-eyed as they said their vows in front of the altar.

The couples truly had colorful love stories to share. One of the seventeen couples, William and Mitch, have been together for twelve years. Being together for such a long time, the couple finally decided that it was time to permanently tie the knot through a church wedding. William even expressed his love and eagerness to marry Mitch through a heartfelt poem.

William and Mitch are just one of the seventeen couples who became part of the MAY FOREVER : KASALAN SA LANCASTER NEW CITY.

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Pre-nuptial photoshoot by Ian Santillan Photography
Pre-nuptial hair and makeup by Julius Marquez