St. Edward Schools to Open General Trias Campus in June 2014

Created at 2014-05-15

St. Edward Schools (SES) is set to open its GENERAL TRIAS campus in Lancaster New City for School Year 2014-2015. Entering its third year of operations, the SEIS campus in Imus offers preschool to high school education, and has over 1,000 students from both Lancaster New City and other areas of Cavite.

The General Trias Campus will be offering elementary education and will be situated beside Manchester 4, making the school easily accessible to its residents of the Kensington, Manchester, and Somerset phases.

As the Lancaster community grows, SEIS will set up more community school campuses to make elementary and high school education accessible to residents. SEIS envisions these schools to be a driver of community growth, and in the long term, Lancaster will be home to a network of such schools built on a model of high quality, affordable education.

SEIS strives to produce students of character and grit, who are highly skilled in academics and formed on Catholic virtues. Delivery of learning will be done through a project-and-team-based approach, where students learn by doing and by working with their peers. Parents will actively participate in their children’s education by volunteering time and service to the school, thus strengthening community involvement. Lancaster residents can look forward to schools becoming centers of learning not only for students, but for the entire community.

The GENERAL TRIAS campus is currently being built beside Manchester 4, and will be ready for the School Year 2014-2015. Applications are ongoing at SEIS Imus for both Imus and General Trias campuses.