Sweetest Moments During the #Katadhana Kasalang Bayan 2017

Created at 2017-07-06

Twenty lovely couples in one momentous celebration of love and togetherness. The Lancaster New City community held witness to the #Katadhana Kasalang Bayan 2017. Read on below for sweet moments that happened during the event!

  • Little kids waited for their mom at the aisle to bring her in front of the altar.

  • The clear weather that allowed the brides to parade at the front of the Parish of the Holy Family and take photos.

  • The beautiful brides in their white gowns walking down the carpeted aisle, surrounded by anticipating loved ones and white roses. Each bride was given their time to shine.

  • This groom who was more than happy to receive the blessing of his bride’s parents at the Parish of the Holy Family altar.

  • The priest blessing each couple and telling them one by one to be good and love each other forever.

  • The families of the couples who were giving their all-out support.

  • Everyone cheered as the priest asked the grooms to kiss their brides as they finally become husband and wife.

  • The accent lights on the ceiling of Leighton Hall’s Buckingham Ballroom and the drops of flowers to complete the look of the reception venue.

  • This couple who was dancing their feet off to celebrate their renewal of vows.

These are just some of the highlights that happened during the #Katadhana Kasalang Bayan 2017 that happened in Lancaster New City. This event is part of Lancaster New City’s 10th anniversary celebration and there are definitely more in store for the community.

Watch the SDE video of the #Katadhana Kasalang Bayan 2017 here :