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A City Within a City - Making the Most of Township Life - Lancaster New City Cavite

One of the best things about living in a master-planned township like Lancaster New City, is the convenience of having everything you need in one location. Whether you’re a professional who’s looking for an excellent alternative to Metro Manila or a family who’s looking to raise their children in a peaceful environment, there’s something for every kind of home-seeker in Lancaster New City.  

The perennial traffic problems, congestion, and pollution in the capital city are absent in this exclusive township. Instead, you are treated to a clean, orderly, and stress-free neighborhood with transport options to take you anywhere you want.

The Square

 If you need to shop for groceries, make bank transfers, buy medicine, dine in air-conditioned restaurants, or just stretch your legs, you’ll find your needs satisfied at The Square, which stands as the community mall.  

Suntech iPark

Suntech iPark provides equal job opportunities & allows residents of Lancaster New City and the surrounding areas to conveniently work where they live.

There are high-grade office spaces in the Suntech iPark, which provide employment opportunities for residents who want to work closer to home.

St. Edward School

St. Edward School, which has three campuses within the township, offers quality K to 12 primary education for families with children.

Leighton Hall

Leighton Hall is a 3-storey clubhouse that has an outdoor swimming pool and function hall (Buckingham Hall) that may accommodate up to 400 guests.

Other recreational facilities include Leighton Hall with its outdoor pool and function hall, and LNC Grounds, community centers in various locations with different features and amenities that residents can enjoy for social, commercial, and community activities.

Parish of the Holy Family Church

On Sundays, you can visit the Parish of the Holy Family if you wish to attend mass. The parish also hosts weddings and Simbang Gabi.

On Sundays, you can visit the Parish of the Holy Family if you wish to attend mass. The parish also hosts weddings and Simbang Gabi.


Aside from providing modern amenities, Lancaster New City also gives its residents a greater sense of community with its various initiatives. In the past, homeowners joined social events and outdoor concerts. With the recent health crisis, priorities have shifted to providing face masks and face shields to community frontliners. Some residents have resorted to shopping online through (an online platform where residents can order farm produce), while others help out with their PasaBUY efforts (residents take scheduled trips to the supermarket, pharmacy, or wherever else on behalf of their neighbors). There’s also an ongoing bi-monthly online yoga session conducted by some community members to help keep the residents in shape. 

The township community thrives on the spirit of Bayanihan. There’s never the sense that you’re left alone to face the New Normal because your community is right behind you.  

Other township developers only focus on the integrated aspects of township living but lack the social rigor to build a real community where everyone feels welcome and respected. That’s what PRO-FRIENDS has managed to accomplish with Lancaster New City. Beyond the initial appeal of living in a complete township with essential facilities within reach, Lancaster New City has truly fostered a caring and unified community that any family would be proud of. When you live in such a community, you need not worry too much about your family’s safety and security.   


Want to learn more about this family-friendly neighborhood in Cavite? Get in touch with one of our real estate agents today for any inquiries and concerns. Hope to see you around, neighbor!


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