Maintaining your Outdoor Spaces

Taking Care Of Your Outdoor Spaces

The government has discouraged people to go outside of their homes during the pandemic to help control the spread of COVID-19. However, a home is not confined on the insides of four walls. Your living space also includes your garage, front and back yard, and to some extent, even your immediate surroundings like your street and the park in your community!

For your personal well-being, you must maintain the internal and external health of your home. The body is a temple and your home is your temple. Care and maintenance of your temple is your responsibility. Whether inside or beyond the walls of your house, here are some housekeeping tips for you to consider:

It is always good to have a list of things to look for so you can gauge the health of your physical home. Considering checking for the following signs:

  • Check your drainage and pipes – Maintenance of your drainage and pipes will prevent you from having a lot of headache and repair fees for years to come. You can always check for visual evidence of possible concern such as flooding and leaks. You can also check if there are blockages in your drainage system and if there are persistent foul smells.
  • Check the security of your house – Security is not just your locks on your entry and exit ways but you should also consider the structural integrity of the walls and all passageways and openings like your doors and windows. Check for the presence of cracks, pest nests, and air pockets.
  • Check for wear and tear – Every part of your house is subject to wear and tear from use over time. Check for rusts and blisters in your furniture and fixtures and check if screws, nails, and bolts are complete.

Your home doesn’t end where concrete stops, it also includes your garden and your yards! Gardening is a healthy and therapeutic hobby; it helps you keep busy while you are at home and keeps things easy on the eyes. You don’t need to be a professional or hire professionals to design and maintain your garden, all you need is a lot of love and care! Here are some DIY gardening and landscaping ideas:


  • Be creative with your space – there are a lot of ways you can maximize your space at home. You can consider vertical gardens to maximize the height of your free or open spaces. You can also opt to use your balcony or create window boxes to have more green spaces! Indoor doesn’t mean off limits either, as you can still grow low maintenance plants inside your home!
  • Upcycle – Repurpose unused containers and items in your home and be creative! You can use plastic containers, gutter pipes, pallets, tin cans, and more! It is important to remember that each plant has its own needs so make sure to read up on them so they get their required water and sunlight among other sources of nourishment!
  • Purpose – Plants are not only for aesthetics; it can be your source of food too! You can choose to grow plants for your daily consumption like herbs, fruits, and vegetables in pots! Some plants can also help you maintain balance and space as retainers or dividers that hold other plants in place, avoid soil erosion, and prevent plants from growing where they shouldn’t. Some plants can be hosts or holders for other plants too!

Township Living

Lancaster New City in Cavite is a master-planned township where everything your family could possibly need are within reach. Apart from offering premium yet affordable townhouses and single attached homes for sale in Cavite, we also have The Parish of the Holy Family, a place of worship inside Lancaster New City; LNC Grounds, perfect venues for social, commercial, and community activities of the homeowners and their guests; Leighton Hall, a clubhouse with an outdoor pool; The Square, a lifestyle community mall; and St. Edward School.

With our affordable house and lot rates in Cavite, there really isn’t a reason for you to keep renting on a townhouse that isn’t yours. Get in touch with one of our real estate agents today to see how you can move into your dream home as soon as possible!

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